Make your Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate look like Windows 7

Yep, it’s not even out yet and people are making their Windows Vista look like Windows 7.  Nothing wrong with that, I did it too.  I was going to write a nice little posting about how to do it, but the site that I got the pieces parts has already done most of the work, so go here follow the directions.  Note: you’ll reboot one time.  When you are done, come back here to finish up.My Desk Top

Done?  Got that taskbar looking correctly?  Have the AeroVG theme installed?  Good.  Now, go here and grab the Windows 7 wallpaper.  Next, go here to grab the AeroShake applet and, finally, here to get the snap to edge feature.

Install AeroShake and the snap applets. Those give you two of the cooler little features of Windows 7 explorer.  Shake lets you clear the screen quickly or get your windows back.  The snap feature lets you drag a window to the edge and have resize to several predetermined sizes (there are several snap templates you can use) and drag away from the edge to return to the size it was.  Very clever.

Oh, make sure you grab the Windows 7 calculator and Windows 7 icons from ‘IntoWindows’ site linked to above.

There, you don’t have to wait until 2010 or whenever Win 7 is released.  Or do you…



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