Free newsfeeds for your Kindle

One of the really compelling things about the Kindle is the ‘free’ wireless connectivity.  The wireless allows you to purchase books, magazines and other texts from the Kindle Amazon store and have your purchase delivered, nearly instantly, to your device.  That’s a pretty compelling feature.  The problem, though, is that you have to pay for everything.  Or do you? With Amazon, even blogs have a cost.  I suspect that, at least part of, that cost is associated with the wireless. I’m sure Sprint and Amazon have some kind revenue sharing. That said, there are ways to get somewhat live updates of rss newsfeeds.

To set it up, go to the Feedbooks site and read the Kindle Help section.  Create an account and log in.  You probably do not need to create an account, but they save all of your subscriptions and offer a few other benefits so it is probably worth doing.  Next, go here to setup your feeds.  You need to download them as you subscribe. You only need to download each feed one time.  After you have selected and downloaded your subscriptions, connect your kindle to your computer OR remove the SD card and plug that into your computer.  Next, copy the downloads to your DOCUMENTS folder on either your SD card or to the DOCUMENTS folder on your Kindle.

Once the files are on the Kindle, unplug the Kindle or put the SD card back in the device.  Please note, you need to power down the device when you remove or replace the SD card.  Power up your Kindle and you should see your new newsfeeds.  You can periodically update the feeds (it is not automatic like the Amazon subscriptions) by going to the COVER page for the feed and clicking the update link.

Feedbooks also offers ebooks and many, if not all, are free as is the newsfeed service. 

This method is not perfect, some of the formatting is not that great, but it is free and there seems to be a great deal of flexibility.  The site also allows rss feeds not in the list, so you can include any rss feed, even Half Byte.

I am on the lookout for other sites like this, so if you know of any, please comment or send me an email (geogray at


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