Leo Laporte and the Twit ‘network’ now on video

I am a huge fan of Leo and TWIT and was delighted when he announced that he would be doing video.  Leo has been doing video for a few months now, but he’s only doing live streaming of the TWIT podcasts.  The problem for me is that most of his live streaming is during the day and I do still have a day job and they would not be keen on me sitting there watching TWIT streaming all day.  Kind of kills productivity and bandwidth as well.  Leo did mention that he was going to, at some point, offer downloads.  Unfortunately, he needs manpower to edit, encode and make available that video.  He is waiting to see how things are at the start of 2009 before he can commit.  This is understandable and I am not complaining.  Fortunately, there is a pretty solution.

Enter ODTV.  ODTV, which stands for On-Demand Twit Video. The site is run by Chris Pearson and features MP4 videos recorded from Leo’s live stream.  Chris records the streams on his Mac and it looks pretty good.  The process he uses is (taken from his FAQ):

Q4: How do you capture video from Leo’s netcast flash stream?

A4: We (@kiwinerd) did it this way:-

  1. watch the official live.twit.tv netcast in Firefox 3 on a Mac Pro;
  2. capture the show’s video and audio in real time using ShinyWhiteBox’s app iShowU;
  3. compress the movie down to a manageable size using SWB’s Stomp app – or VisualHub.


Leo knows about the site and talked about it on a recent Windows Weekly when Paul Thurrot, seemingly by surprise, asked about video downloads for Windows Weekly.  According to the FAQ, Chris got permission from Leo to do this and states that he’d take the site down if asked to do so.  I have no doubt that this is true.

I usually listen to the podcasts on my Zune while I work.  Being able to watch a few of them on my tv at home is pretty darn cool.  I’d like to thank Chris for making them available as well as thanking Leo and company for the great shows.



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