The Beatles on iTunes or Rock Band?

MTV is going to be releasing a Beatles game in time for Christmas…NEXT YEAR.  To that, I say this: WHO CARES?  Really, who the hell cares?  Certainly not the target audience of MTV.  Tell me, how many freaking 14 year olds know or care about a ‘rock’ band from 1964?  Half of them are no longer inhabitants of the planet Earth and the other half  probably think way too much of themselves and certainly are not as popular as today’s artists (term used lightly) that ‘the kids’ buy.  The whole Beatles thing-before even my time- just eludes me.  Some of the music is ok, but is mostly irrelevant today. 

I still, for the life of me, cannot figure out why ‘Apple Corps’ is so against digital music.  I suppose they still think it is 1964.  I suspect, too, that by the time they allow digital downloads, those who would have bought the music will either have already bought the CD’s and ripped them or, worse, downloaded the music from some lame p2p service, entrenching Apple Corps’ feelings about digital music.  But, again, WHO CARES?

Apparently, MTV got the rights to use some of the Beatles music by promising not make it available in the company’s Rock Band video game.  The music will only be available for this mysterious new game.  Whatever. 

In the words of McCartney’s music:  just LET IT BE.


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