Why is Nikon putting crap in my System directory?

Several weeks ago I reinstalled Vista on my main computer, but I did not re install everything.  I decided to re install things as I needed them.  I still need to clean off remnants of that last installation from the hard disks.  So tonight I needed to install Nikon’s Picture Project.  I’m sitting here watching the install go along and noticed that it was putting files in the System32 directory.  What?  Why the hell does it need to do that?  I can’t remember the last time I saw that, though I am sure it has happened a few times.  I thought the need to put crap everywhere on the computer had died years ago.  I guess I was wrong.  Seems like poor design and lazy programming.  .Net development, though different, eliminates the need to put code everywhere. Nikon needs to get it’s act together and dump the crappy, lazy programming and come into the 21st century.


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