The Windows 7 hate has started already…

Unbelievable.  This guy at PCWorld decided that he did not like Windows 7 (I’m guessing he dislikes Vista as well, based on his comments in this article) so he tried out the PRE-BETA ‘M3’ release.  He judged the product based on the failure of a few applications that either did not work correctly or not at all.  Products that most people will never use on a PRE-BETA release of the FUTURE version of Windows broke.  So….Windows 7 is crap.  Got it.  Let the dog poo pile build.

Read the article here.


4 thoughts on “The Windows 7 hate has started already…

  1. I wish I could have used vista more but so many of my development tools would not work or struggled to work on it. I have heard we won’t have such issues on 7 and I have liked the reviews I have heard so keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. At the very beginning-when Vista first came out-Visual Studio 2005 would not run under Vista. Microsoft very quickly released an update that fixed the problem.  Since then, I have found very little that had issues with Vista. Generally, taking ownership of the directory, setting compatibility or changing default directories usually ‘fix’ any problems.  I’m a big fan of Vista and it looks like 7 will be even better.  I think I’m turning into a fanboy…groan!

  3. that’s okay if it rocks i will be there as your sidekick!
    I was also forced to develop in Visual Studio 2003 as well. Keeping all three environments running on Vista just wasnt working. I did get 2003 to install and run somewhat but it took some pretty serious hacking to do it.

  4. Ah…I never tried VS 2003 on Vista RTM or SP1. I did when I played around with the second public beta of Vista.  Almost NOTHING I had ran on that pig.  I got really worried, since I otherwise loved the OS.  Fortunately, the compatibility issues were mostly gone.  A few issues, but nothing I could not handle.  Oddly, VB6 ran fine.  I finally have that off my systems.  I use VS 2005 for most everything now.  I have played with the freebie VS Basic .net 2008, but stick to VS 2005.
    BTW, have you seen the ‘smallbasic’ they just released?  Looks promising for people who want to play around.

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