Windows 7: sneak peek at the developer’s conference

Today, Microsoft gave developers-and, in turn, the world-a sneak peek at the upcoming Windows 7 release.  Visually, the new version is not all that different from Vista.  It maintains and enhances the Aero Glass theme while adding some subtle and not so subtle enhancements.  Perhaps the most notable – and visual – change is the task bar.  The taskbar more resembles the OS X dock than the previous incarnations of the Windows task bar.  You will be able to rearrange the icons without the need for a third party add on.  Also, the task bar previews introduced in Vista are enhanced and can now display the contents of stacked icons or groups of icons.  The task tray is also changed and allows more control by the user.  Just about every nook and cranny of Vista has been updated, from the network control panel to the start menu, graphical and usability enhancements are everywhere.  One really interesting additions is the idea of virtual directories.  Vista has a crude form of this, but 7 takes it up a notch.  Called Libraries, they can group file types, like your videos and music files, into one virtual directory or library, as they call it.  You can include directories from other drives or even computers across your network and they will all appear in one common placeWindows 7 desktop, as if you had put them into one directory.

There are lots of stories about Windows 7 along with videos and screen shots.  You can go to the following sites for more:


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