Apple needs to fix Leopard

I’ve really been on Apple lately.  It’s not that I dislike them.  They have nice products.  The ‘culture’ though, really ticks me off.  Tonight, another shining example of Apple honesty aired on CBS TV.  It was another of those oh-so-old “I’m a PC, I ’m a Mac" adverts, this time featuring PC having a bake sale.  Mac asks what he’s doing. PC replies that he is trying to raise money to FIX VISTA.  Please.  Fix Vista? Right.  I did some quick searching using LIVE SEARCH and quickly found the Mac Fixit website.  There, they feature problems and, presumably, how to fix them.  Yep, MAC OS X PROBLEMS.  Imagine that.  The most advanced operating system ‘on the planet’ has problems. Problems such as rendering certain fonts, constant reboots after system updates, security updates that: slow down browsing, break webkit, kill volume control and cause display issues. Other issues noted on the site include: new mail notifications when there is no new mail,iTunes 8 crashes and cause the user to power off and back on and others.  Oh, and the best thing about this site: It’s from C|Net.  I don’t recall seeing many, if any, of these issues being reported on C|Net.  I’ll bet if a Vista update caused spontaneous reboots or if Windows Media Player forced you to shut the computer off, it would be on the front page of

Remember all the crap that was spread about when Vista came out ?  Specifically, that it was not compatible with many applications and hardware?  Guess what…this site is maintaining a list of applications that are either not compatible or have problems with Leopard.  Among the more notable applications are Photoshop Elements 4, Lightroom and Premiere Pro. Others include Apple’s own Final Cut Pro 4 and iPhoto 2.  Some Epson printers and scanners will not work with Leopard and Quicken 6 or earlier.  To be fair, many of the applications listed have had updates made (mostly new version you’d have to buy) available and the Epson printers and scanners are probably older models.  But, these same criticisms are STILL bandied about when it comes to Vista.  One prominent blogger and former Tech TV personality even switched from Vista to Mac OS because his printer did not work—a printer that was old.  Rather then replace the printer, he replaced the whole platform. Really?

So, based on the very little info that I’ve actually taken the time to read, I’m going to form this fact about Mac OS X Leopard:

Mac OS X Leopard is an unstable operating system that breaks when it is updated, does not support every piece of hardware known to me, cannot render all of my fonts correctly, has to have the computer turned off when applications crash and is generally not compatible with older software. It is a disaster and Apple really needs to spend it’s hard earned money on fixing Leopard.


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