Nintendo’s Wii DOES have weak graphics and it does matter

…but only to a point.  I’m a huge fan of Nintendo’s cool little console.  I am also not blind nor stupid.  I keep reading articles by both fans and non-fans of the little white box that both attack or defend the graphics, or lack thereof.  Once and for all, YES, it is weak in the graphics arena and that can make a difference.  On paper, Wii’s graphics are better than the original XBOX and PS2, but no where near the quality of Sony’s overpriced console or Microsoft’s buggy 360.  The major problem with Wii games, though, is that the developer’s have not fully taken advantage of what graphical power the console has.  This has lead to a great deal of discussion about the graphical prowess of the console and whether or not ‘its the games, stupid.’ 

As I said, I am a huge fan of the console, so this really pains me to say:  to all of the Wii fans out there, it IS the game play BUT it is also the quality of the visuals.  Even the PS3’s powerhouse processors don’t help if the quality of the visuals are bad.  And that’s been the problem with most of the Wii titles:  bad visuals.  It seems that the developers just want product out for the hottest console and don’t care about quality.  Game play is most important, but if the visual quality is poor, it WILL detract from the overall experience.  So, Wii fans, stop with the ‘graphics don’t matter’ crap.  They do, just not as much as your average Sony fankid would want you to think.


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