News Nybbles

Here’s some things that caught my eye recently, in no particular order.

  • Wii Fit to outsell Grand Theft Auto IV this year.  The two games were released around the same time, about three weeks apart.  Wii Fit cost about thirty dollars (US) more than GTA 4.  GTA 4 has sold about 10 million copies (XBOX 360 and PS3 sales combined) while, to date, Wii Fit has sold just under nine million copies.  Of Course, Wii Fit has actually brought in more money (that price difference accounts for that) AND is STILL selling well.  In fact, it is in the top five in games sales. At the current rate, it will outsell GTA 4 by end of year.  The ‘hard core’ gamers are probably going into denial right about … now.
  • The Intel/Apple love affair is on the rocks.  This HAD to happen, what with Apple eschewing Intel processors in the iPhone and it’s recent dumping of Intel integrated graphics in favor of nVidia in the newly refreshed line of Macbooks.  Apparently, in an effort to sell it’s own x86 chips for smartphones, Intel claims that the ARM based processors in most phones, including iPhone, just cannot deal with that nasty old internet.  No, the arm just is not capable.  And that Apple is making the internet experience a positive thing, Intel, no doubt, is smarting.  I wonder how Intel’s CEO feels now about wearing the silly ‘bunny’ suit on stage at MacWorld a few years back.
  • India launches it’s first moon mission.  The Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft launched today from Satish Dhawan Space Center.  It is carrying a probe that will orbit the moon and is carrying instruments from India, Europe and the United States.  Congratulations to them on a successful launch.
  • Office 2007 and Vista to get service packs next year.  Microsoft acknowledged what was  already known:  Vista gets an SP2 release before Windows 7 comes out.  They also say that Office 2007 will get another service pack, SP2, coincidentally.  Huh.  I totally forgot about SP1 for Office.  So, what’s going to be in SP2?  Open Document Format support.  Huh.  Big deal.
  • Wal-Mart gets a conscience, a green one at that.  Wal-Mart was set to announce, in BEIJING, of all places, that it will require manufacturers that supply goods to the world’s largest retailer to adhere to stricter standards in environmental and ethical areas.  Ok, fine.  Those ‘low, low prices’…well, I doubt that they stay ‘low, low’ once these standards are in effect.

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