Free Pass Apple or you don’t need that Firewire port anyway

Alright, last Tuesday, Apple announces a refresh of it’s Mac notebook line.  I”m not going to rehash any of the features or relive the tortuous explanation-AND MOVIE-about how the bloody cases are made or it’s use of ‘greener’ materials.  Most normal people just don’t give a sh…er, just don’t care.  No, what I want to talk about is what they are leaving out, as much has been said about that.  All of the ‘new’ notebooks EXCEPT for the priciest one, is eschewing the Firewire port.  Apparently, Apple does not consider the technology, one THEY pushed on us, to be important now.  Never mind the plethora of products that use the connectivity format.  Never mind the multitude of external drives that still use Firewire.  Forget all of the digital camcorders that include the port.  Forget all that.  Steve Jobs says it’s all bunk and that ‘all new camcorders released in the last couple of years’ don’t include Firewire.  Really Steve? Really?  Ok, let us pretend that is true.  What about that Samsung camera purchased two and a half years ago? If I bought one of the new notebooks, save the costliest one, then I’d have to resort to using my WINDOWS PC, because my shiny new Macbook (and I do mean shiny, what with the ALL GLASS and very reflective display) would lack the Firewire port.  Really, Steve, you WANT me to use Windows?  Ok, I will and you can keep the shiny Macbook.

What’s even funnier about this is the reaction from the fankids (since there are as many girls as boys, I’m just gonna call them fankids, since that’s how they act) is that of surprise that real users are ticked off at something they use being removed.  Now, before I go on, I’m not lumping Mac USERS in with the fankids.  The fankids are the ones who, like most Star Wars fanatics, refuse to think or say anything negative about anything Apple.  The fankids were saying ‘well, technology moves on’ and ‘Steve is right, no one uses it now.’  What? Please, people.  These are the same fankids who refuse to criticize the shiny and reflective glass screens. ‘Well, you can always re-orient yourself’. Huh. 

I’m constantly amazed at the free pass this company gets.  Every time they introduce a new version of the same product, be it an iPod, iPhone, notebook or desktop, they remind you at how crappy the old one is and proceed to tell you that this new one is just great.  Gorgeous, even.  You’d be dumb, DUMB not to buy this new version.  Whether or not it actually works is a different matter, though.  But, it’s ok if the first one you get is defective or has two ‘M’s on the keyboard (hey, the right letter shows on the screen, right?)  It’s Apple, it’s pretty, it’s expensive so shut the hell up or buy a Dell. 

I’ll take the Dell.


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