Things that bug me today

I’ve come across several articles today that just really bug me.  I’m not really sure why, but they just do.  Take the whole ‘Apple Tax’ crap.  I’m really tired of this.  Every bleeping time Apple introduces new hardware, we hear this.  I have probably been guilty of it myself.  The articles get tiresome but the Apple Defense Force is even worse.  I have no problem with sometime wanting to spend twice as much for hardware that will be relevant for half the time, it’s not my money so I don’t care.  But, please, STOP justifying it.  If you have a guilty conscience because you paid two grand for a laptop that will be sorely outdated in less time than it takes for Steve Jobs to introduce yet another iPod, be my guest.  Don’t tell me how dumb I am for buying a Windows based machine.  Oh, and that reminds me:  Mac OS X is JUST A FREAKING OPERATING SYSTEM.  A tool.  Vista is JUST AN OPERATING SYSTEM.  Both ‘just work’.  Period.

Another thing that I saw today and really bugs me is this story on the Humanitarian Relief website.  Now, before I go on, I just want to say that it is truly appalling that, in this day and age, there are people all over our beautiful planet that starve to death.  It is a disgusting state of affairs.  If spending $850 billion US dollars would fix all of the planets woes, I would be the first to say do it and pay higher taxes or whatever to see that it happened.  Unfortunately, it will take more than just money.  The article linked to above lays out how that money could fix the problem.  It is a ‘heart in the right place’ piece, but it fails to mention the one thing that will prevent those problems from getting fixed:  corruption.  Contrary to what the piece insinuates, much of the effort that has been put forth to help eradicate hunger and disease is run by or doled out by corrupt governments or agencies.  In areas where there is cooperation, the pirates and thieves come into play.  I recall a story not too long ago that quoted (I wish I could find it) a UN report that said less than a quarter of the aid actually gets to where it needs to go.  What bugs me about the article is that it fails to mention any of this and, instead, tries to make the bank bailout seem childish and selfish.  If the banking system collapses, there will be far more consequences and far more people out of work and hungry.  It is disingenuous. bugs the crap out of me lately.  It has become one of the worst destinations on the web.  It used to be pretty decent, but it has become so political (the sheer number of anti-McCain headlines on the site, many of which are misleading or just not true to the actual story is amazing and indicative of the problem) or downright juvenile (witness just about all of the Microsoft related headlines.)  I’m not really sure why I continue to patronize the site.  No matter your political stance or OS preference, the amount of bunk should be obvious to any intelligent visitor to the site.  The site is so far leaning to one side of what ever the subject that any one  who puts an opposing viewpoint in a comment or story gets buried.  Even the sports world is not immune.  Sports like soccer, motorsports or any sport that San Francisco or New York deems unworthy gets horrid treatment.  Never mind that most of the planet simply LOVES soccer and that motorsports is nearly as big, these people just don’t get it.   Recently, Digg cofounder and beer lover Kevin Rose made the comment that he wanted Digg’s most popular posters to stay.  I think that’s a mistake.  DIgg could be good again, it just needs fresh talent.  Oh, and some intelligent users would help too. (Note: actually, Digg has been bugging me for awhile…I’ve posted about this before, and will probably do so again.  Sigh.  I just need to stop going there.)

I could go on, but now I just sound bitter.  I’m going to sleep.


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