Windows 7 and the naming ‘problem’

So, Microsoft confirmed this week that Vista’s replacement will actually be called Windows 7.   Even though it is not going to be a substantially different version from Vista, Microsoft wants to steer clear of the whole Vista name and make people think this version is, in fact, different. Fine, whatever.  The thing that really strikes me about this new name is the sheer amount of press it has received, mostly by people trying to give some reason why Microsoft named it ‘seven’.  Most, however, want to point out that it is not really version seven, but something like 20 or whatever.  Who freaking cares? It’s a name, people!  It’s marketing, not logic.  I don’t care what anyone says, it is marketing.  Instead of Vis-ta-da! it’s SEVEN.  Not 6.1 or Windows 2010 or whatever.  Jeez.  Write about something important.  Like I just did.  So there.


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