Steve Jobs gets upset

So, today Apple had it’s laptop announcement non-event.  They, rather, Steve Jobs, announced several new odd looking Macbook Pro and Macbook laptops.  I’m not going into any details about the machinery, others have covered that.  No, what really caught my eye during the video stream was his annoyance with the audience at one point and his seemingly displeasure that the audience didn’t go nuts as they normally do. He looked rather irked by the time the even was over.

While he was showing off the interesting manufacturing process of the aluminum cases, he had his minions pass out the keyboard half of the case. Most people took a glancing view of the piece and passed it on to the next person.  Some, though, took time to actually look at and feel the part.  This, apparently, annoyed Mr. Jobs.  In fact, he finally said ‘Ok, that’s it, times up.  You’ll have time to look at them later.  Then he said ‘Lights down’ and it took a few moments for the lights to actually dim again.  It was apparent that he thought it took too long.

Through out the presentation, which was REALLY boring at a few points, the audience was really subdued and only offered applause just a few times.  There were the obvious “wow, this is awesome” looks, but mostly, the audience seemed at ‘ho hum.’  

I almost get the feeling that Mr. Jobs had gotten his followers so used to be blown away that the evolutionary updates are underwhelming to them.  Well, to that, I say, “Hi, I’m a PC and welcome to the real world.”


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