Kings Dominion changes for 2009

As part of a question and answer session today at the park, a pr spokesman confirmed some changes and also revealed a few for next year.p_00022  Among them are:

  • New trains for Volcano.  The current trains are nearing their end of life, according to the manufacturer.
  • Rebel Yell may get painted.
  • At least two of the three rides from Geauga Lake will be installed: the ferris wheel and the magic carpet ride.  The third ride is, apparently, in poor shape and the amount of work involved may dictate it’s demise or installation.

Other things mentioned include:

  • Dominator was to be called ‘Growler’ in conjunction with a promotion featuring the Air Force.  Last minute trademark issues scuttled the program and they were forced to use the existing name.
  • Changes have been made over the last week to improve the halloween program this year.
  • The Do It Yourself Network shot an episode on the upkeep of old rollercoasters, in this case, the Rebel Yell.  Should air sometime in the spring.

The Q and A session was interesting and somewhat revealing.  The park hosted several events today and, except for a few minor issues early on, did a very good job.  

It was interesting they are tweaking the halloween program during the event.  Kings Dominion always has a great halloween program, no matter what it is called.  The decorations, mood and actors all make for wonderfully tacky and fun time.

It seems that the current owners of the park, Cedar Fair, is willing to actually put some effort into making the park better-something that was sorely lacking under the old owners.


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