Sony’s Little Big Planet, deep frozen seeds and other weird stuff

Yes, this is another set of strange, odd and things that just make me say ‘What the heck!?’

  • Little Big Planet, a really weird looking game coming out for the PS3 is getting heaps of praise from most of the gaming press.  Just based on what I’ve seen through photos and trailers, this game has all of the appeal of a Fisher Price ‘weebles’ based movie.  Why these reviewers and editors are so enthralled with this mess of a ‘game’ is beyond me.  I guess I should not judge the game since I’ve not played it and they, presumably, have played it.  However, it appears to be no better than the any Wii game, yet they will resoundingly judge them unfairly or not even give them a shot simply because the ‘look’ like yesterdays graphics.  I suspect that the reason they heap the praise is simply because it is Sony, PS3 and is supposed to sell the console.  I thought Blu-Ray was supposed to do that.
  • Speaking of Blu-Ray, the BD release of Iron Man hit store shelves last week and, almost immediately, brought the Paramount servers to their knees.  What? Wait…servers?  How in the world does a DISC BASED MOVIE bring a companies servers down? Ah…Blu-Ray. Apparently, this movie will phone home when it detects a live internet connection to your player.  Why in the world does your DISC BASED player even need an internet connection?  Oh, riiiight, that ‘extra’ content.  Those special features. You know, the ones that almost NO COMPANY actually puts out.  What was the last commercial DVD you purchased that actually had the multi angle feature in use?  Yeah, I can’t think of one either.
  • I just caught this on Modern Marvels.  The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a huge vault built into seedvault the side of a mountain that can house up to 4.5 million seed samples.  Now, the idea here is that, in case of something catastrophic and wiping out most of Earth’s food supply, we could re-populate the plant life on the planet from these seeds.  A worthy endeavor indeed.  Buuut…and I mean no disrespect to anyone who designed, built, maintains or supports this project…but…if something THAT catastrophic happens, then will anyone survive who: will know where the seeds are, know how to get them, be ABLE to get them, know how to plant and harvest them?  More importantly, how long after such an event will it take for Earth to recover enough so the seeds will actually grow? It could take more time than thought and IF anyone who knew about the seeds AND could get to them, would they live long enough to be able to use them?  It just seems odd to me.
  • So, Real brings a product to market that will allow you to copy a DVD to your hard drive. This product makes a byte for byte copy, CSS DRM and all.  They even wrap it up in yet another layer of DRM.  If you want to make a DISC copy, that’ll cost you.  Of course, Hollyweird does not take too kindly to this sort of product and Real knew this and decided to sue Hollyweird, preemptively. One thing leads to another and a judge-the same one who brought down Napster-says, ‘hey, this violates the DMCA, ya gotta stop.’  Huh?  Violates the DMCA?  How’s that? They copy the bloody disc, byte for byte, leaving the anti-copying crap in place and then wrap it up in another layer.  Apparently, that does not matter.  A copy is a copy.  Well, the good judge has slapped an injunction on Real.  They HAD to know this would happen.  There is no way that Hollyweird is going to allow this product to live. Even though CSS (no, not that does mean Crappy Style Sheet) is weak and has been cracked for years, it is still in use and ANY means that allows you to copy the disc-regardless of breaking CSS or not-is, according to the MPAA, circumventing the mechanism and against the law.  Real, what were you thinking?

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