“Cloud Computing”, “Hard Core Gamers” and other crap

I tell you, I must be getting old and stodgy and closed minded.  This whole “Cloud Computing” thing is just way overblown.  I listen to lots of podcasts and read a ton of tech blogs and tech news sites.  I constantly hear about this wonderful thing called “Cloud Computing”.  These people say that your data and applications will live somewhere else and all you’ll need is a browser to do all these cool things.  Well, news flash, I DON’T WANT MY APPLICATIONS AND DATA ANYWHERE BUT ON MY COMPUTER and those devices that I sync to.  To me, good and reliable syncing technology is the future.  Call me paranoid, but I don’t trust: some server in Timbuktu to keep my data; I don’t want to pay monthly fees for applications that live elsewhere nor do I want to inundated with ads to use similar ‘free’ applications; I don’t want to use a browser in lieu of a real application and, finally, I don’t trust a cable company or some other ISP to maintain that most important connection for this whole model to work.  Now, I realize that there are advantages and that is why I want the syncing technology.  I want applications that do not need to be ‘installed’ but can run from a thumbdrive.  I want to control it all myself and not rely on others just to play a silly game of Solitaire or write my next blog entry.  Holy crap!

Today I was listening to a couple of podcasts where the hosts were discussing Nintendo’s press conference this week about new products.  Almost immediately, at least one or two of the hosts in each podcast had to point out how Nintendo has pissed off it’s ‘core gamer’ fans and that they are not producing ‘Hard Core’ games.  Oh, and one of them refuses to play anything on the Wii because it lacks pretty and shiny graphics.  Now, these people are also writers and editors of game related publications. Judging from what I heard, I find it hard to believe.  Most of the people were so jaded and biased it was like watching Hannity and Combs trying to rationally discuss anything.  That Nintendo has chosen to market a product that people actually want to buy and use and does not take  fifty hours to figure out and play does not mean they have forgotten anything or cannot get something worth playing to market. One person (I’m not going to name them since that would add some kind of legitimacy to them) commented that there are no new games out or coming out-for the rest of the year.  Say what?  I guess they don’t actually go to the damn store and just wait for the companies to send them stuff.  They sound like a bunch of spoiled little boys who are throwing a tantrum because they cannot get into Dad’s liquor cabinet.  IGN and 1up…ugh.

So, today I returned a shell for an LG Rumor that I purchased for my son.  I had purchased it at Best Buy a couple of days ago.  It was about $25 (US) and, I thought, fairly nice. It was rubberized and would protect the phone pretty nicely.  Well, Chase hated it.  So, back it went.  I went back to the Best Buy where I purchased it and fully expected a hassle.  Fortunately, I did not get one.  And, other than the guy asking me four times if the package had been opened, it was pain free.  I did not even need to present my credit card or fill anything out.  I had the original receipt and everything was actually stored in the computer.  Amazing.  The only other retailer that I’ve returned something to or went for a cash difference that was just as easy was Target.  Retailers who actually use their computers for something other than ringing up wrong prices is truly an amazing thing.

Windows 7, will you marry me?  Jeeze, you’d think that Microsoft had not released a new version of Windows in years.  The press that this thing has been getting lately is incredible.  That press had made it out to be the savior of Windows, Microsoft and all things PC.  It is Microsoft’s “I’m sorry” for Vista.  Or, so these writers say.  The people over at PC Magazine, though, seemed to be a bit miffed to learn that Windows 7 is really going to be Vista SP2.  It is not going to be based on this MinWin thing, which, according to some, is the holy grail of Windows.  Whatever.  MinWin was a science experiment that a couple of over-zealous Microsoft reporters speculated might be a the heart of Windows 7.  The really interesting thing is that, with one exception, most of these people have said ‘well, Vista not bad’ or ‘Vista is much better now’.  Huh?  Well, if they think that, then what’s with the Windows 7 hype?  Somehow I don’t think our friends at Microsoft are behind this.  I guess all of the hype is ok, at least Windows is being talked about.  I guess that’s ok.  At least I’m not being inundated with endless stories about some mythical phone that will change everything.  Oh, wait…

EDIT-11/21:  Since writing this rant, I have learned that ‘MinWin’, as referred to in Windows 7, is the way that the Windows kernal has been designed since the days of Windows NT.  There was a ‘science experiment’, as I called it, that was also known as MinWin but it was just the core of a yet to be developed operating system and is what those reporters got excited over.  Windows Vista and Windows 7 use a core that is built in much the same way as ‘MinWin’ and that, I think, is where the confusion came from.



2 thoughts on ““Cloud Computing”, “Hard Core Gamers” and other crap

  1. I was with you until the MinWin comments.  In the data centers MinWin would be nice and help legitimize Windows in that environment.  Cloud Computing does seem extraneous, nice to have but it should not be the driving force. 

  2. I probably over-simplified it’s significance.  I’m not saying MinWin is a bad thing, far from it.  I was trying to point out how ridiculous the press got in regard to MinWin.  There are still some who think it is the heart of Windows 7. It is not and, most likely, never will be.  It could break so many things, I don’t think Microsoft is ready to give up it’s current market just so Windows has, what some claim, a smaller kernel.  Unfortunately, the days of running Windows from two floppy disks are long gone.  (I do remember that, though.  I’m dating myself now.)

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