New Nintendo DS, Wii and Zune announcements

dsi_white_black_490w Today, Nintendo outlined the new DS, called the Nintendo DSi.  The DSi is a ‘sister’ device to the DS that boasts two cameras-one on the inside hinge of the device and one on the back like a cell phone.   It will boast a new, slightly bigger screen (3.25 inches versus 3 inches) though only of the screens is a touch screen like today’s DS.  It will also boast an SD card slot, internal memory (DS has none), a built in web browser and music and photo software.  It will also be slimmer than the current DS mainly due to the omission of the GBA cartridge slot, so current software that uses it will not work on the new device.  Things like the rumble pack, the Guitar Hero add on and other things as welldsi-8709363789-cg-main99 as GBA games will not work on the device.  Oh, there will also be an app store for DSi.

It will be available in Japan beginning November 1 for about $180.  No release date has been announced for North America.   

Nintendo also announced that the storage solution for Wii will be…tada!  The SD cards we already use for storage in the Wii.  Nintendo will be providing an update that will better integrate SD memory into the system so you’ll be able to download and run Wii software directly to the cards.  The update will be available sometime in Q1 2009.

Rumors also persist that the replacement Wii will be available in about two years and will be HD enabled.

Steve Ballmer commented-more or less confirmed-that Zune software would be available on Windows Mobile phones.  He said that Zune was not only hardware, but software as well.  Speculation is that we could see WinMo phones where the UI is more Zune like than Windows like.  About time, too.  The Windows interface just does not work well on mobile phones.  Apple is on the right track, but I think Nokia and Samsung are further along, especially Samsung.


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