Dropped Bits or What the ?

I do a lot of browsing and see lots of weird and odd things.  Below are a few of those things I have seen recently that made say ‘What the ____?’

  • Seattle’s latest football team: the Mist.  The Mist is a female football team. So what, you ask.  Well, what’s different here is that the ladies play the game in LINGERIE!  It is an offshoot of the Lingerie football games played during the Superbowl.  While I am that this is a real eye opener for some, it just left me saying what the?  Read the details here.
  • In the ‘if you can’t beat em’ file:  Sony is rumored to be using the same Cell processor in the successor to the PS3, the PS4 (those very clever marketing people at Sony, innovation starts there.) Speculation is that Sony is going the Nintendo route and focus on innovation in game play.  Right. My guess is they are just going to rebadge that large inventory of PS3’s they cannot sell.
  • This is the ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ segment…iTunes could shut down?  While I really doubt the fruit company would shut down THE ONLY reason to buy an iPod at those ridiculous prices only to have the bloody things obsoleted six months later, it is, nonetheless, a possibility.  The reason?  The music publishers.  Plain and simply, they want a much bigger cut.  They’ve nearly shut down many independent web radio ‘stations’ and made it difficult for others.  They’ve gone after satellite radio.  You know, they are needy people and are having just a really hard time scraping by.  So, now, your digital downloads-which are already overpriced-could get a lot more expensive.  After all, Rolex watches are not free.
  • Speaking of the company of fruit…here’s one of the best uses of the iPhone: ibeer
  • In a stunning turn of events, man’s abuse of the environment brings back an extinct species of goldenrod weeds.  In New York, a long thought-to-be-extinct weed, a salt-marsh goldenrod, was found to be flourishing along the roads of New York.  The weed is thought to have been growing due to salty runoffs of road treatments in the winter months.  It was found growing along the road and from cracks in the pavement, where other weeds, seemingly, cannot live.  Huh.  So, our need to drive in bad weather brought back another weed.  Great.

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