Gamestop and used game consoles

So, I’ve been eyeing the used XBOX consoles at Gamestop for several months.  They have them for $49 (US) used.  Each console comes with a controller, cables, power cord and the console.  Well, today, I took the plunge and purchased the console, five games and an extra controller for about eighty bucks ($84, to be exact.)  So, I get this thing home and unbox it.  OH MY.  Now, I was not expecting to find a pristine console packed like it was new.  But, I WAS expecting to find a console that was free from defects and CLEAN. While the console was in good shape, no scratches, cracks or otherwise and it does work just fine (the drive door needs a bit of a nudge to move, but otherwise works) it was FILTHY.  The included controller looked as though it had been plucked out of a pile of dirt.  It took me fifteen minutes just to clean the one controller.  If this thing were at a yard sale, I probably would have offered to take it from them for five dollars.  We’ve purchased used gear from Gamestop in the past and always had good luck with what we’ve bought and it was, usually, pretty clean.  However, the last couple of years have seen the care of reselling the hardware go out of the window. Again, I’m not expecting something like a used XBOX from Gamestop to look brand new, but, again, I do expect it to be clean.  This is just absurd.  Imagine if this had been a Christmas present to someone.  They eagerly open it only to find a dirty console and a controller that looks like it would be at home in Oscar the grouch’s bedroom.

EB Games used to always clean their consoles and used games.  The N64 cartridges would be in pretty good shape and in boxes.  CD’s for games almost always had a book and the original jewel case and the few that did not had a new jewel case and label.  When EB was bought by Gamestop, that all went out of the window.  Like I said, Gamestop USED to at least clean the consoles.  I guess they just can’t be bothered now that they are pretty much the only used game retailer around or they can’t afford Windex and paper towels.


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