Hard Rock Park closed and files for bankruptcy protection


DCAM0077According to the HRP website, they are only closed for the season.  HRP Holdings filed for Chapter 11 reorganization today.  That signifies an attempt to restructure it’s business and re-open.  Chapter 11 is a process that a company can follow that allows it to stay in business while working with creditors and restructuring it’s debt.  All under the supervision of the court…and, trust me, they need all of the supervision they can get.  I wrote about a visit to the park back in August where there were far more employees than guests.  Probably three to five staffers to every guest-not a good sign.  To be fair to them, the economy was against them.  High gas prices, lower than normal tourism in Myrtle Beach, people staying home, etc. all contributed to a bleak season.  It did not help that the locals, apparently, did not like the park. 

According to the posting, there will be no further staff reductions and all ‘non-seasonal employees will continue to receive their paycheck on a normal schedule.’  They also state they are not going out business and they intend to open in 2009.

I hope so.  I really like the park.  It is small, but not too small and has a good amount of rides.  They need to lower the admission price just a tad to attract more people.  My son liked it too and would like to go back.  The ferris wheel roller coaster is a blast and Nights in White Satin is, well, let’s just say it’s very trippy and I want to experience it again.  For the effects, of course.

Hard Rock Park Chapter 11 FAQ


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