Windows Ultimate Extras…three not so Ultimate Extras released today


Thanks, Microsoft.  I could not wait to get those three Dreamscene’s and that somewhat interesting Tinker game and the Tinker game sound pack.  Yeah, that’s nice. 

So, like I am still getting my Vista 32 setup and realized that I was running SP1. So, I brought up the Windows Update applet and, to my amazement, it said there were three ultimate extras available.  Well, I was a bit amazed.  I went ahead and let it install all updates but those language packs.  SP1 took, maybe, fifteen minutes.  After the reboot, went to Friendfeed to see what Thurrot said about the extras.  Of course, and rightfully so, he was not impressed.  At least he listed what they were (I could have found out, but Paul’s writing is more interesting that Windows Update.)

The three Dreamscene’s are actually one video, just taken at different times:  daytime, twilight and dusk.  Interesting video and I have one of the on my desktop right now.

The sound pack is just sounds from the game, which is mildly entertaining.  I looks nice and the game play is interesting, but none of this really feels like an ‘Ultimate’ extra.  Maybe I am expecting too much.  Actually, I am expecting new content at least every month—which is what was originally inferred when I bought Ultimate. 

I suppose I should be happy that we are getting ANYTHING at all.  This is one aspect of Vista (with the SideShow the other) that has really disappointed me.  I have learned from this, I’ll not buy something from Microsoft again that makes promises like this and then utterly fails to deliver.


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