Windows Mobile Backup Manager


Just saw this on Paul Thurrot’s SuperSite Blog.  It is a short post about a new beta application from Microsoft. It appears to be from the Live team, but it is not part of the Live suite.  It is an application that helps you backup the data on your Windows Mobile smartphone.  Called Phone Data Manager, it looks fairly easy to setup and use and does just what it advertises.  You can read more here and here (which is also where you can dowwnload it.)  It only supports Vista 32 and XP 32.  PhoneDataMgr

Speaking of Paul Thurrot, if you do not follow him and are a Windows enthusiast or just interested in things Microsoft (and Apple, as it affects Microsoft) then you should follow Paul on his SuperSite Blog and FriendFeed.  He’s interesting person and very opinionated.  He often infuriates me with some of his opinions, but, at the end of the day, I can appreciate what he says as he almost always has valid points and actually uses logic when arriving at his conclusions. 


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