Post Zune 3 install woes

Ok, so not long after I had upgraded my desktop Zune software and the device firmware, I began having problems.  The device was not getting recognized, the software was SLOW and my machine, in general, just started having problems.  Ok, well it was not like it tanked after the install.  I’ve had some small issues ever since I switched back to AVG from Live Onecare.  Anyway, I uninstalled the Zune software and proceeded to re-install, as per a post I saw on the forums.  Needless to say, it failed.  In fact, the message I got-and for EVERY subsequent attempt-was that the software INSTALLED was up to date.  Problem was, there was no software installed.  I tried several times over an afternoon.  At one point, again, per an forum post from someone at Microsoft I think, I performed a hard reset.  Well, that wiped out the device.  Fortunately, I have a laptop with the software installed so I was able to bring the device back to life.  I then booted into Vista 64 and installed the software there.  Not only did it install without a hitch, it’s REALLY fast.  Vista 64 is nice and quick too.  My problem is that I still run some apps that do not appreciate Vista 64’s goodness so I still use Vista 32 as my primary OS.  At this point, and also after booting back to the primary OS and waiting almost ten minutes before I could do anything, I decided it was time for an OS reboot.  After contemplating the purchase of a really large hard drive, I decided to just clean off one of my existing drives and install Vista 32 there.  At this point, I decided the problems I was having were NOT due to the Zune software but to a flaky install of Vista.  Over the last several months, I’ve installed lots of beta software, including Internet Explorer 8.  That these problems really started to show after I switched back to AVG is just a coincidence, I think.  It was also around that same time that the new beta two of IE came out, I put that junk called Chrome on my PC, the whole MobileMEss stuff where I had to crapify the PC, etc.  So, there’s all these things that, I think, collectively, doomed my PC.  Actually, it’s not been bad.  I had a ton of crap on here and there is also a bunch of old apps that I just don’t use.  So, this has turned into something good.

Re-installing Vista on a different drive was a snap.  I think it took a total of 45 minutes from start to finish of the initial install and then another hour just updating the bloody thing.  During the update time, I was able to install the Zune software with out a hitch.  Of course, now there were FOUR installations and Zune Pass only works on three-a fact I did not know about until yesterday (Friday) when I watched a podcast put out by members of the Zune Team.  De-authorizing a computer is a SNAP, easier than in iTunes.  All I had to do was, and you can do this from any computer that has the Zune software installed, log in to my account and goto SETUP-ACCOUNT and I could see the list of authorized computers.  I found the now useless Vista 32 install and clicked remove.  Once you do that, you simply sync the device to the new installation and you get to take advantage of your account again.  Easy.

I’m not done yet, I still have lots of things to install again, including iTunes for the iPod that my wife and son share.  That’s ok.  I’m back in Vista/Zune bliss.  Now I am getting familiar with the new Live suite. Hmm, that’s beta stuff…I guess some people never learn.


3 thoughts on “Post Zune 3 install woes

  1. Yeah, I was pleasently surprised that it not only supports three zunes and three pc’s, but how easy it was to remove the useless ‘computer.’

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