Microsoft ads with Bill and Jerry are gone…for now

Microsoft announced ‘phase II’ of it’s new advertising campaign and, at the same time, said that the series of ads featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld are done for now.  The second phase (what about Microsoft employee Sean Sillerthose ‘mojave’ ads?) will be a more direct campaign and directly attack Apple’s ‘I’m a Mac…I’m a PC’ ads.  Indeed, the first will feature a Microsoft employee who bears a striking similarity to PC (John Hodgeman) in those same Apple ads.  I’m not sure this approach will work, but has to be better received than the two Gates and Seinfeld ads over the last couple of weeks.  Admittedly, while I was more receptive to them than most, Microsoft has probably cut its losses by ash-canning the ads. 

The first new ad airs during the Office on NBC tonight (Sept 18, 2008).


2 thoughts on “Microsoft ads with Bill and Jerry are gone…for now

  1. Yeah, I think most would be very happy about that.  While the articles I’ve read about this did not say he would actually return, Microsoft hinted that he would.  Gates (dang, I left this out of the post) is actually in the first of the new ads…supposedly.  I have not yet seen it.

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