MobileME mess and iTunes 8

Apparently, iTunes 8 now lets you easily decrapify your computer by giving you the choice of uninstalling MobileMess…er, MobileME.  It seems that, for once, the company of fruit actually listened to it’s critics Windows users and give the ability to take this crapware off your computer.  Hmm…you should have the option of NOT installing any of Apple’s crapware that you don’t want (RE: bonjour, mobileme and quicktime.)  Yeah, I know know, you QT for iTunes.  Whatever. It’s still crapware. You know, Zune IS out there and you don’t need iTunes.  Just sayin’.

It would not bug me so much IF I actually WANTED to use MobileME, but Apple cured me of that.  IF I had an Apple TV, bonjour would be great.  I don’t have an Apple TV (again, Apple cured me of that) and never intend to use MobileME so give me a freaking CHOICE. 

On a positive note, I did install iTunes 8 and:

  • did not find any ADDITIONAL crapware
  • have not experienced the blue screen, but I don’t have an iPhone or iPod touch
  • the HD TV shows look great
  • there was an episode of Battlestar Galactica in HD for free
  • NBC Universal is back (well, Zune has had them since they left iTunes the first time)
  • the software, while bloated, feels a bit more responsive than v2 of Zune Marketplace (sad, but true.)

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