Live Free or Die Hard, take 2

So I thought I’d give Live Free or Die Hard another try.  It’s even worse than I first thought.  The idea that every traffic light in America is controlled by some central system is just stupid.  That all television signals could be taken all at once AND THE STATION CRAWL REMAIN is just…well, you get the point.  The selective power outages-AFTER the supposed hub was destroyed by redirected gas-is funny.  Does it really, REALLY work that way?  Which reminds me, the power grid was going to be brought down by a PALM PDA (seriously?) and restored with a Nokia smartphone?  Umm….right.  The only thing funnier would be Justin Long whipping out an iPhone or-worse-a Macbook to do his good deed.

Justin Long’s character is not quite as annoying as his Mac guy role, but it is pretty close.  He played the role believable enough, I suppose.  The movie degenerates into so much techno-babble BS, far worse than any Star Trek techno-babble, that Long is kind of likable with his scared and oh-so-believable hacker guy persona.

I’m not even going to talk about Bruce Willis.  He’s McClain…’nuff said.

If you want nearly two hours of explosions, chases, fights and McClain, this is an escapist’s delight.  Forgetting just how implausible most of the movie is, it does offer non-stop action. Oh, Tuvok is here, as he was on Voyager, out of place.

Oh, no real computers were harmed in the making of this motion picture.


2 thoughts on “Live Free or Die Hard, take 2

  1. : )No, but this isn’t art, is it? Besides, I am a HUGE fan of: the Die Hard series and bad movies. I suppose this is one of those movies, like Travolta’s Broken Arrow, that just grows on you-no matter how bad it is.

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