Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld get a life

Well, ok, they had one already.  The second of the Seinfeld/Gates commercials is out (here) and is quite funny.  The theme of the commercial, connecting people together, is played up all through the commercial.  This is much more clearly delivered than that first commercial.  The premise of this commercial is that Gates and Seinfeld are living with a family.  It begins with them having dinner (apparently leftovers) and proceeds to show them ‘connecting’ with ordinary people by playing ping pong and telling stories.  There is an old lady who pops up from time to time and Bill and Jerry are ‘set up’ by…well you’ll see.  The whole thing is pretty funny.

The really interesting thing about these commercials is the chemistry between Gates and Seinfeld.  It’s really weird.  They play off each other just fine, but it’s just an odd pairing, like Big Bird and George Bush.  Weird. 

The problem with these commercials, though, is perception.  I have to wonder how many people with ‘get’ the message and how many will perceive these as just a lame or desperate attempt by Microsoft to be ‘hip’.   At least they don’t have that smug ‘Mac’ guy in them.


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