Those Zune rumors…confirmed!

Yep, it was true.  Microsoft confirmed it all today. FM song tagging, Zune Marketplace via wifi, games, blue and silver Zunes…all true.  Microsoft, apparently, had planned to roll this all out next week, but Fry’s saw it differently.  Leave BLUEZUNE8gbit to the retail sector to rain on Microsoft’s party.  The real problem is that Apple has it’s coming out tomorrow-the ninth.  Even though Zune’s new firmware-which is BACKWARD COMPATIBLE-has features that Apple is likely to NOT have after tomorrow, the tech press will, no doubt, praise whatever Apple puts out while pointing out perceived flaws in the Zune product. 

The new features will be available September 16.


One thought on “Those Zune rumors…confirmed!

  1. Not much mystique surrounds Microsoft. The enhanced WiFi streaming of tunes sounds very inviting indeed. Now if only it supported Audible! One of the reasons I love my ibiza is because of the seamless WiFi downloads of podcasts and access to my Rhapsody library. Add a flash enabled browser and you have a very nice device indeed!
    I hope you follow through on your threat to buy the gen 3 and give us a review.

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