Rusted Chrome

I’ve been reading many blog posts and listening to the tech podcast’s over the last few days.  Honestly, I just don’t get the attraction to Chrome.  Given that it does not render sites completely (and I’ve heard a few complain about this) and the sparseness of the user interface and customization options, the browser is far from ideal.  I don’t even think it is as fast as I first thought.  Running on several computers, it exhibited the same slowness on several sites.  While it’s ability to execute JavaScript may be first rate, what good is that if parts of the site are not even rendered?  Maybe one day, in a decade perhaps, Google will lift the ‘beta’ tag and release a usable product.  I suspect, though, that it will remain in beta for quite some time and the fervor surrounding will die down and people will return to whatever browser they normally use.  For now, though, the Chrome is flaking off and showing the rust underneath.


One thought on “Rusted Chrome

  1. I continue to experiment with Chrome and enjoy the exceptionally fast rendering. I prefer Opera but it has issues with too many sites to use as much as I would like. I suspect Chrome will become very popular … lets check our watches and compare notes again this time next year.

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