NBC ‘ditches’ Silverlight

Caught this on both CNET and several podcast’s.  People seem to think the end of Silverlight is near because NBC had ‘ditched’ it.  They ditched nothing.  NBC only used Silverlight for the Olympics because they had a partnership with Microsoft to do the Olympics web coverage and that was it.  Microsoft powered both the web site and online video.  Microsoft also managed to get Silverlight onto millions of computers because of the agreement.  While many people may not have downloaded Silverlight because they either did not want to do so or were just too lazy (yep, I heard that.)  The Olympics coverage served it’s purpose for both companies.  That NBC is going to use Adobe Flash for the NFL online stuff is, more likely, due to the NFL than a condemnation of Silverlight by NBC-as some in the press want you to think.  And, really, what does it matter?  Flash and Silverlight both work well on the web.  At least they did not choose the one that pretends to real or that other quick one.


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