More Zune rumors

Since my posting on the Zune rumors, I have found more-even better-rumors.  These deal with specific features on the device.  BLUEZUNE8gb It is unclear whether existing devices will get the new features.  I hope that Microsoft follows last year’s upgrade and gives what it can to the older devices and does not pull an Apple and force us to buy new devices (though I am contemplating such a purchase myself.)  Among the sexier features are:

  • Better use of the built in wifi for browsing the Zune Marketplace, updating your collection
  • Custom ‘channels’ that deliver personalized playlists to your Zune from a variety of sources
  • Games – we knew about this – like Hexic and Texas Hold ‘em
  • FM Tagging which lets you tag a song that you hear over the FM tuner which you CAN PURCHASE USING THE WIRELESS. This is, for me, HUGE.
  • Blue and Silver Zune

I have to wonder why it has taken Microsoft so long to really utilize the built in Wifi.  It seems pretty capable, it seems to be the software holding it back.  Supposedly, these were found in a listing from Fry’s-an electronics retailer in the United States.  The FM tagging is a cool feature and one that might actually make me care about FM radio again.

You can read more about the new stuff over on Zunerama.

Zune 80gb ($249)


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