Zune rumors!

Who would have thunk it…there’s actually some Zune rumors floating around in the ether.  We already know that newZunesMicrosoft is prepping a 120gb version of everyone’s favorite MP3/media player.  Ok, so that’s a stretch, but, at least, Zune is in the media eye for the moment.

Among the more fun rumors are cross platform Zune stuff.  Apparently, Microsoft posted for some job openings t hat hint at Xbox and smartphone Zune functionality.  Engadget ran this story about that.

Other rumors include:

  • Green Zune 4/8 discontinued
  • $249 price point for 120gb Zune
  • Blue Zune
  • Sept 9 release/announcement date (they just want to steal Apple’s thunder, who also has a press event scheduled for September 9th.)

I’m hoping for big improvements to the Zune Marketplace software.  Right now, it is a performance pig.  There are some things you can do to help it, but after a bit it just returns to being a pig.  A pretty pig, but a pig nonetheless.  Oh, I’d also like to be able to access the Marketplace directly on the device.  That would be cool.

If the new high capacity Zune is truly $249, I may have to buy one.  Then I could retire the brown Zune 30 I have.  Since my son has claimed the iPod that we won, he’s no longer interested in my Zune.  It’s not that he prefers one to the other, it’s more that the iPod is silver and not ‘poop’ color as he said.  I dunno, the green glow that the brown Zune has around it’s edges make it really unique.  Call me odd, but I kinda like it. 

At any rate, I’m glad to see the various blogs-including Engadget-pay Zune some positive attention. 

Zune 80gb


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