Google Chrome…yawn

After about a half hour of playing with the new browser, I find myself asking what the hub bub is about.  Now, I know a half  hour is not really long to fully evaluate something, but, right off the bat, I knew it was not all that.  My own blog, for example, is not fully rendered.  It does render other sites, but I suspect many of them are also not fully rendered.  So far, there seems to be no plugins for the browser and little customization-at least, not much that I have found.  On the plus side, it does seem to render-what it does render-very quickly.  I was a bit impressed with the speed that it rendered a page, incomplete or not.

I’ll have to play around with it a bit more, but, so far, I’m underwhelmed.  At least it does not crash, like IE 8 wants to do…all the time.  More on that later.


2 thoughts on “Google Chrome…yawn

  1. I am experimenting with Chrome and so far very impressed. IE7 and Firefox look so cluttered in comparison and it is FAST!!!! Your blog renders fine here. Also noticed Video streaming seems to be much smoother using Chrome. If the hackers don’t do them in with some nasty vulnerability press … Microsoft will need to pull a very impressive rabbit from the hat with IE8 if they plan on maintaining their dominance in the browser market.SamWindows2Apples

  2. Hi Sam,
    No, my site does not fully render.  Several of the content boxes do not show up at all.  None of the RSS feeds show, the Amazon box does not show, the custom video player and ‘amusement park news’ feed does not show.  If it does not render those, what else is it ignoring?  I don’t trust it now.  Also, it has the ‘omnibox’ or whatever they call it, and who knows what it reports back to he Google mothership.  Maybe I am just paranoid. 
    I’m listening to Windows Weekly now and Paul Thurrot is just going on and on about it.  He loves it, though I just don’t understand why.  I’m still un-impressed with Chrome.  Safari on Windows is better.

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