Another BIG YAWN…vinyl LP’s make a comeback?

Say what?  The record industry sells about four hundred thousand more vinyl LP’s in 2007 than it did in 2006, so, naturally, that is a comback.  Right.  An article in the New York Times points to the resurgence of this dead medium.  This article details how one young man met a young woman who he just knew had something in common with him.  Indeed, she did…she had a fascination with this dead medium.  Look, I don’t really care if someone prefers the ‘warm’ sound of scratchy, hissy and popping sounds of a vinyl disc.  These are the same people who claim that CD’s sound artificial and cold.  Hmm…since when was reproducing the entire gamut of human hearing artificial?  No, don’t blame the technology.  Blame the bad music.  Much of the music being spit out of the RIAA run companies is just bad and mostly synthetic.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I LIKE a lot of that bad sound.  But it does sound synthetic.  But, it also sells.  In 2007, in an industry that is supposedly in a slump, a half billion CD’s were sold. Just 1.3 million vinyl discs were sold, up 400,000 from 2006.  A half billion-in a slumping industry-compared to 1.3 million.  Nice comeback.

Like the anti-Vista stories and pretty any of the overly glowing reviews of anything from Cupertino, these stories about how the vinyl LP is ‘coming back’ are tiresome.  If people want to spend their money on them, great.  Don’t tell me that are better.  I don’t think you can strap a turntable on your belt and go jogging while listening to these stone tablets.  When I can play one of these horrid items and sharp highs, deep lows and absolutely no hiss, crackles, pops or other crappy sounds, then I’ll buy.


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