OneNote proves its usefulness once again

My son started middle school today.  Along with a new school year comes a lot of paperwork and fees…LOTS of fees.  Well, I’m not one to have a great memory nor am I the most organized person on the planet.  To help myself, and my wife as well, I turned back to Microsoft OneNote.  OneNote is one of my favorite applications and serves as our medical repository, financial database and keeper of other personal data. Creating a new page under my son’s tab, I put in the basic information like school name, address, principal and assistant principal names, phone numbers, etc.  I went to the school’s website and pulled in the school calendar into a OneNote page.  I also scanned in my son’s class schedule (using Windows Scan and Fax-something I just discovered, I’m embarrassed to say) into OneNote.  Since I have Office Student and Home edition, which allows installation on up to three computers, I have OneNote installed on my primary desktop, my laptop and my wife’s computer.  I have all three syncing several notebooks.  A change on one computer is quickly synced to the others.  This works REALLY well.  I also have the mobile client installed on my Motorola Q smartphone.  I plugged that into my laptop and synced.  Now this school information is not only on the three computers in my house, it is also on my smartphone.  Because my wife has a Palm Centro, I have to convert the individual notes from OneNote into something that can viewed on the Centro, not a huge deal.  You can export as html, Word or PDF, all of which can be viewed-with help-on the Centro.

I’ve only scratched the surface of what this wonderful application can do.  I’ve been a big fan since I started messing around with it a year ago and it just gets better and better every time I use it.  The synchronization is top notch.  Maybe our friends at Apple should look at it so they can fix MobileMe.


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