Sony says Wii ‘not hurting us’ and they had the casual gamer market … and let them go

Last week, while speaking to a German publication, Howard Stringer said that the Wii is not more fun than the PS3, no it is just different.  He went on to say that PS3 titles are for those who play a lot.  Sooo…I suppose that suggests that Wii games are only good for five minutes?  What? 

In his comments, he claims that Nintendo has a superior business model: It sells more consoles and makes money on them.  You know, unlike Sony who can’t sell it’s consoles very well and loses money-still-on each PS3.  To be fair, Sony has taken measures to help make it’s current console profitable by doing such things as:  ripping out backward compatibility which saved them ten bucks; removing half of the ports they had (another buck saved); confusing the hell out of the consumer with a multitude of units: original 20gb; 40gb; 60gb; TWO 80gb units…I think there were two different 60gig units but I’ve lost count. The new 80gb unit lacks backward compatibility and has a small number of USB and memory card ports.  The current PS3 bears less of a resemblance to a first gen PS3 unlike Nintendo, whose current Wii looks just like the first gen Wii. Hmm, is that good or bad?

Stringer also told of how Sony first had the casual gamer with Singstar but decided to focus on other gamers (read ‘hard core’) and that that might have been a mistake. Singstar? Seriously, Howard?  Umm…no. 

Bottom line is that Wii is not hurting Sony.  Not at all.


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