Seinfeld and Microsoft

Much has been said and written about Microsoft using Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates to pitch Windows Vista.  Indeed, many Mac fans have pointed out that Seinfeld once did ads for Apple and that he had a Macintosh on his desk during the show.  Yeah, so what?  If anyone remembers, there were several shows during late 95 or early 96 where there was a Windows 95 box on the same desk with the Macintosh.  I always wondered if producers put it there trying to glom on to the Windows 95 hype and did not realize it would not work on that computer (I’m guessing they did not care) or if Microsoft paid them to do so.  I’m guessing the latter.

People really seem bent out of shape that Microsoft is paying Seifeld a cool tem million dollars for the ads.  I really don’t understand why they have their shorts in a wad like that.  What the hell does it matter?  There are better things to get bent out of shape over.  Get real.

Anyway, I think Seinfeld is a great choice.  He may not be hip like Justin Long, but he is certainly funny.  Better than ‘PC’?  Maybe.  At any rate, Seinfeld and Gates are sure to be a hoot.


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