NASA’s virus

As you might have heard, a NASA computer(s) contracted a virus recently.  I don’t know about you, but to me, that is outrageous, silly, stupid, amazing, awesome and just dumb all at the same time.  How in the world can NASA allow a computer to get sick?  Really.  How?  That’s just…sigh.  C’mon…you guys went to the moon using computers dumber than today’s toasters.  You repaired the bloody Hubble telescope….while it was in space.  How does a computer, IN SPACE, get a freaking virus?  NASA, NASA, NASA.  You have to teach your astronauts the basics of safe computing.  Seriously.

Actually, getting the virus is not that bad…it means NASA finally has more modern computers…IN SPACE.  Let’s face it, they’ve been behind the times with the old computer.  Until a few years ago, OK, maybe ten years now, the most modern CPU that they used was the RCA 1802 because they could ‘space hardened’ CPU’s.  Hey, at least they were made of silicon and we did not have VACUUM tubes, IN SPACE.  (Funny there, because space is a vacuum and….oh, never mind.)

By the way, the virus was the W32.TGammima.AG – which sounds like a NASA named star, doesn’t it?  It is spread using USB Flash drives.


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