Stupid things I’ve seen

Ugh.  What are these people thinking?  Companies do stupid things too…

  • PETA wants to buy a SeaWorld, set the animals free and replace them with animatronics and ‘virtual animals.’  Uh huh.  They say that they have a wealthy donor lined up to cough up the dough to buy a SeaWorld. Who would want to go to a theme park and see a bunch of phony baloney animals?  (Disneyworld….shhhh, we won’t talk about that!)  Just leave Busch Gardens (both of them) alone, will ya?
  • Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama-a decidedly smart man-did something not so smart:  he TEXT MESSAGED his choice for his running-mate.  Now, to be fair, the stated goal was let his supporters know first.  Problem is that the news leaked out much sooner than the text message went out.  Some say that they never got it, others said they got it after 3am PDT, while others claimed to have gotten it around midnight.  No matter, it was not the smartest thing to do, though I applaud the Obama campaign’s use of tech.
  • The aforementioned VHS/Blu Ray disc player.  ‘nuff said
  • The sheer number of stupid ‘10 reasons why Linux is better than Windows’, ‘15 reasons why Linux is taking over the desktop’, ‘40 reasons why Apple will crush Microsoft’ or, my new favorite, ‘the 15 Hottest Olympian Medallists/females/whatever’.  Now, on that last one, I have nothing at all against looking at pretty people, but these lists are just stupid and they show up all the freaking time on DIGG.  Admittedly, the ‘x best Science Fiction weapons/robots/computers/disasters/etc’ lists are way more compelling than the stupid reasons why Linux is best/Windows is best/Why Windows sucks/Apple is best/Why Apple sucks (I have a few to contribute here.)’ DUMB.  C’mon, don’t you have anything better to do than make lists?
  • Industry Analysts.  Especially those who proclaim “Apple will have another profitable quarter” or “Nintendo’s Wii will fall by 2012” Saying Apple will have another profitable quarter is as dumb as ‘Hollywood sees increase in profits’.  Well, yeah, when movie tickets are 10 to 15 dollars a pop, they are bound to make a buck or two.  Likewise, when a company like Apple gouges it’s customers they way they do, they are bound to a couple of dollars profit too.  Oh, the Wii, well, yeah.  2012 is probably when the three big consoles get replaced, maybe sooner.
  • Application kill switches in devices you PAY FOR.  Recently, the company of fruit admitted that they do, in fact, have an application kill switch, just in case that rogue application gets on the iPhone.  Now, since they CONTROL the applications that you can buy-via the App Store, which they control, using iTunes, which they control or over the air from the app store, which they control.  Now, it seems to me that the only way for a rogue application to actually get on the phone is if you ‘jail break’ the phone.  Oh, wait, that same store-which they control-did allow the thousand dollar icon to get through and the voip like application.  I guess they need that kill switch after all.

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