Apple does not want to sell you any iPods or Macs

Well, ok, that’s very misleading.  Got your attention, though.  So here’s that deal.  Apparently, Ars Technica is reporting that MacRumors is reporting that ‘certain retailers’ are being told by Apple not to place orders for more Mac minis, MacBook Pros, iPods or Cinema Displays. That could only mean that new or refreshed versions are on the way. Or Apple is throwing in the towel on one or more of those devices.  I can wish, can’t I?

Anyway, Apple apparently has penciled September ninth for another of it’s ‘special events’.  So, be prepared for the hype machine and the reality distortion field to go into full effect.  Some of that has already started…Kevin Rose claims to have some inside info on the new Nono…er, Nano.  You can go to Engadget and read about that one.

The next month should be interesting and entertaining.  I, uh, can’t wait.

Here’s a link to the Ars Technica story about the MacRumor story.


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