Blu-ray VHS deck

Ok, in the annals technological dumbness, this one is near the top of charts:  A Blu-ray/VHS combo player.  Panasonic has released the DMR-BR360V combo player in Japan.  The deck boasts analog and digital tuners, a 320gb hard drive for dvr like operation, USB and an SD slot.  The unit is not cheap, about $1500(US).  You can check out the weirdness here.

Just what makes it weird? Well, glomming on the VHS tape deck.  No matter how much trickery you perform, VHS is never going to come close to the Blu-ray in terms of quality.  I’m betting, too, that there’s no legal way to transfer that massive VHS commercial movie collection you may have.  Storing VHS quality (or worse) video on a Blu-ray disc sort of defeats the purpose of the Blu-ray.  You may be able to store a ton of VHS quality (or worse) video on a Blu-ray disc, but, really, what’s the point?  Most of those movies can be purchased on DVD or even Blu-ray disc.  With the possible exception of home videos, this is a rather pointless device.  If you absolutely MUST have VHS, buy a separate quality deck.  They are getting more difficult to find, but can still be had-cheaply.  If you look hard.  And the moon is full…


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