More Apple shovelware secretly put on my PC

Well, they’ve done it again.  First, Apple quietly gets Safari on Windows user’s PC’s, now they are putting the plumbing for MobileMe on them.  I noticed that on my desktop computer, I saw some references to MobileMe in a couple of the network configuration windows.  Then, this evening, I find on my laptop computer that there is a startup process called MobileME.  See the image below.  Now, I’m pretty sure I never authorized either MobileME plumbing installed on any of my computers.  I have not tried the service, nor do I see any good reason to do so since Microsoft’s version actually works and is currently free.  The fact that Apple put this code on my computer without my knowledge really irritates me.  I am guessing that the code is installed during one of those ‘Apple Updates’ that do not tell you exactly what it’s doing. I was not so bothered about Safari since I aMobileMEstartupctively sought it out.  But this, I did not.  I might have tried it, just to compare it with Live Mesh, but this clandestine method has killed even that little enthusiasm I had. 

The real rub here is that they will get a free pass again.  “They are just helping me have a good experience by pre-loading the code on my machine.”  I’m sure that’s the line I’d hear.  How do think people would react if Microsoft secretly put the Mesh client on Apple computers?  People would freak. 

I’m off to de-crapify my PC again.

UPDATE:  Wow, I’m a bit behind.  After originally posting this, I did some checking and discovered that this happened back in July and was written about in several places. I must have had my head buried in the sand. 


2 thoughts on “More Apple shovelware secretly put on my PC

  1. Yeah, I was quite miffed when found this.  Unfortunately, not enough of an outcry will occur and they will probably put more crap our PC’s. I guess if we ditch iTunes and Safari it might stop.  Another thing most people probably do not know they have installed is Bonjour-a mechanism similar to Microsoft’s media extender technology.

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