Microsoft underestimates Photosynth’s draw

Microsoft unveiled Photosynth only yesterday (Wed, Aug. 20, 08) but seems to have seriously under estimated how many people would try the service in it’s first hours.  Indeed, I found that two of my Synth’s had just stopped.  I have to recreate them now.  No biggie, I was just playing around, but it demonstrates that people are really excited about this technology.  The service was actually unavailable for a few hours today.  Microsoft, in an effort to control the service, throttled the uploads back for a few hours.  They then attempted to tweak the database but actually introduced problems.  The problems caused a number of errors for a few people.  They rolled back the database changes and brought the service back online.  They are still experiencing some problems, but most seem to be resolved.

Go here to read a short explanation for some of the problems.


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