Photosynth is going public

Sometime in the day or so, Microsoft’s very cool tech demo will become a real, live product of sorts.  Photosynth takes a collection of photos and assembles them into a three dimensional like presentation.  Depending on the photos in the collection, you can ‘fly’ in, around or above the scene in the photo collection.  For example, I could take a collection of photos shot around Times Square in New York City.  I could zoom in and out, fly around the area, etc. The technology is amazing and now that it will be available to the public, it will be interesting to see the ‘synths that people make.  Microsoft is offering twenty gigabytes of storage which equates to about 60 Photosynth of about 150 photos each, which is the upper end of what Microsoft says you need for a comprehensive Photosynth. 

You can read more here and check it out here when available.


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