Finally back from vacation and…

now my laptop’s wireless adaptor is not working and my Zune refuses to sync wirelessly to my desktop. Oh, and that Zune Pass…it’s great as long as you connect to the marketplace on a more regular basis than once a week.  The condo we stayed in down in Cherry Grove (just north of Myrtle Beach) did not have wifi.  I installed AOL and went dial up all week.  Well, because I was dial up, I never synced my podcasts and, thus, never connected to the Zune Marketplace, well most of the Zune Pass songs stopped playing, at various times, during the week.  It took me quite a while to figure out that I needed to connect.  By that time, vacation was nearly over and I decided I had better ways to waste my time (like watching Phelps win medals) and never bothered to sync. 

I also blame AOL for my wireless woes.  I turned of the wifi on Tuesday after noticing that someone was trying to connect to my laptop.  Well, at some point on Wednesday,DSC_1667 I not only got an update from Microsoft, but DCAM0077 something funky from AOL.  Not sure what happened, but it also switched me to the Latino service, so all of the pop ups from the AOL client were in Spanish.  I do not read or speak the language.  Well, needless to say, I am not a happy camper at the moment.  Research on the HP site as well as the ‘net has proved fruitless.  I tried system restore, but the most recent restore was well after the start of vacation.  What a pickle.

Vacation itself was great.  I had some much needed rest as well as relaxation.  I spent a lot of quality time with my son.  We checked out the new Hard Rock Park and it’s nice collection of roller coasters and we played a lot of putt-putt/mini golf.  He loves mini golf.  We are not very good at it.  Sigh.

I am convinced vacationing in areas such as Myrtle Beach is far worse than, say, staying a week at Disney World in Orlando or taking a cruise.  You will spend far more money in a place like Myrtle Beach than either the cost of a cruise or a week at a Disney resort.  Well, that might be a stretch, but not much.  Every time you turn around, something is costing you more money.  Five dollars here for drinks and bread, ten dollars there for some fee and thirty-five dollars for a burger lunch (for three.)  Every day. Plus the cost of the condo.  It adds up.  Quickly.  Is it worth it?  Sure it is.  Generally speaking, it is money you have set aside to waste for vacation anyway, you just have to set aside quite a bit.

Several years ago, a trip to Disney in Orlando resulted in someone getting DSC_2123  my debit card number.  They bought some small stuff in the same area that we had been in, but then made the mistake of trying to put an $800 charge on the card (they did not know, apparently, that it was a debit card and subject to different rules) and that triggered an alert.  My credit union called me, while we were driving back to Virginia, to verify the charge and to get permission to go over the daily limit of $600 on the card.  That limit was a blessing.  Needless to say, it took several weeks to get everything straight since we got new cards with new numbers.  Not wanting to go through that again, and also not wanting to mess around with traveler’s checks-which most clerks seem to not know how to handle-we got AAA’s Traveler’s Money Card.  It is a Visa or Mastercard that you put money on-like a gift card.  It is good for three years and is refillable.  It is perfect.  Just about everyplace on Earth, or, at least, Myrtle Beach, takes them since they work just like a credit card.  They are insured and it you lose them or they are stolen, you need not worry your bank account being wiped out or your charge card being maxed out.  You won’t need to have recurring charges changed or deal with any of the hassle of debit/credit card fraud.  You simply notify AAA of the situation and it is done.  Plus, you need not worry about what to do with those left over traveler’s checks.  Great idea.

As with all vacations, this one, too, seemed to go by quickly.  We had a great time but there is something to be said about sleeping in one’s own bed and sitting in one’s own chair.  I sure missed my high speed internet connection, though.


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