Why does Apple get a free pass?


Ok, admittedly, I am still a little peeved at Apple and that, no doubt, influences my current opinion of them. BUT…I still want to know why they always get a free pass?  Even those who are ‘angry’ at Apple tend to gloss over that anger and turn around and defend them.  The whole MobileMe debacle is a great example.  The service, from what I read, is still sub par yet Apple still gets a free pass.  Take this excerpt from TUAW:

“As a Mobile Me subscriber, I wonder if the opening-day trial subscriptions will matter in yet another month: that’s when, for many (but not all) the 60-day trial period expires. If those disappointed with the service choose to flee, then perhaps the server load will decrease, and performance will improve for the rest of us.“

Now, let me get this straight: the author penned a posting about the continued problems with the service, but then blamed it on the trial subscriptions and supposes that when those trials are up, most will choose not to continue and that will lessen the load and fix the problem.  Say what?  Why didn’t Apple have capacity to start with?  If Microsoft did this, they would be roasted.  NO ONE would defend them.  Yet, here, Apple gets a free pass.  

They introduce a consumer product, the iPhone, cripple the hell out of it and get a free pass. Yeah, there was SOME outcry, but only to be later defended (one tech type even suggested that they keep it crippled because it is those nasty third party apps that make the phone unstable.  No, it’s the platform that is inherently unstable. Properly written applications should not cause the user to have to restore the bloody thing.)  They introduce a developer program, yet stifle the developers through an NDA AFTER the SDK is released.  Forcing developers to keep to themselves does not foster innovation and will only serve, in the long term, to hinder the platform.  While some developers have been vocal, there’s been no real out cry.  Apple gets another free pass. The only ‘legal’ way of getting apps on the phone is through a monopoly.  If that other large software house did that, the government would be on them so fast…

The operating system has over 100 bug fixes and security issues plugged yet no one seems to care.  Microsoft releases 26 fixes and I see that headline in most major tech blogs and sites.  Why? 

The cost of a low end Mac laptop is nearly twice as much as a middle of the road Windows machine (which probably has more memory, is faster and more capable) yet Apple is praised or, at least, some say ‘so what?

There are other examples…questionable accounting, alleged questionable employment methods at it’s manufacturers, secrecy, etc.  Yet, the only thing that the tech press really seems interested in: Steve Jobs’ health.  Go figure.

I don’t dislike them, though it may seem that I do.  I just have to wonder what the mystique is…why are they defended so much? I just don’t get it.


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