Myrtle Beach Pavilion Nostalgia Park

We dropped by the Pavilion Nostalgia Park to see just what remained of the park.  Not much, sadly.  The Merry-Go-Round, Pirate Ship, Wacky Worm and Pirate Ship assorted kiddie rides as well as some of the food carts are all that remain.  The area, part of the Broadway at the Beach shopping and entertainment complex, occupies one end of the complex.  It is well done and invokes a carnival like atmosphere. Each ride requires one ticket and each ticket is three dollars.  You can buyimg454 ‘packages’ of tickets and save some money.  Of course, not buying any will save you cash as well.  We rode the Pirate Ship, but nothing else.  We may go back before vacation’s end and ride other things.  It is a shame that not more was saved.  It would have been nice to have the Top Spin and the Wild Mouse rollercoaster (which we did see across the street at the NASCAR Speed Park, dismantled.)  Overall, it does invoke a sense of nostalgia and utter bewilderment at the closure of the Pavilion as it did well (apparently far better than the Hard Rock Park, which has laid off staff this week.) 

I suspect that the Burroughs and Chapin company will actually take in more money with this little collection of rides than the old Pavilion took in simply due to the location.  Broadway at the Beach is a very busy tourist trap that contains not only the Nostalgia park, but also the very well done Ripley’s Aquarium, a mini golf and several other attractions including the Hard Rock Cafe.

img458 For those who remember the Pavilion or even the old local amusement park/pier, the Nostalgia park is a nice walk down memory lane.


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