Apple, give me a break! iPod Classic, neutered by design

Unbelievable.  Last December, my wife won an 80gb iPod Classic.  I’ve shared my thoughts on the device previously, but in case you missed it…I like the iPod Classic, but I love my Zune.  The iPod is nice device and had I not acquired the Zune, I’d probably be in love with the Classic as well.  I’ll not go into detail, but suffice it to say that there are enough little niggles with iPod that I prefer my Zune.  Well, tonight I found another MAJOR niggle that is bad enough to make me not want anything else from Apple. Period.

What’s got my ire up now?  Read on..

This coming Sunday (Aug. 10) we are headed down south to Myrtle Beach for a much needed vacation.  We’ll have my son and one of his cousins with us so I thought I would load up the iPod (and the Zune, of course) with some video content – much of it was purchased from iTunes Music Store – so they would have something to watch. Since the iPod Classic lacks a suitable screen (unlike my Zune) for watching anything more than a minute, I purchased an iPod dock that has a seven inch widescreen LCD panel.   I get it home, pop open the box and insert the shiny iPod.  I select an episode of Battlestar Galactica and hit play.  The audio sounded great, crisp, clear and surprisingly bassy.  How is the video, you say?  I wish the hell I knew.  Even thought this is a new product, and even though iPod Classic has been around quite a while now, the dock WILL NOT PLAY the freaking video.  A visit to Sonic Impact’s web site explains that due to a software lock out, the Classic and the Nano 3g cannot push video through the 30 pin connector or earphone jack (like my Zune.)  WHAT?  Playing video out on your monitor/TV is one of the selling points.  And now I find out that I have spend another FIFTY dollars for an APPLE branded cable?  You gotta be kidding.  ALL of the other models will push video out, why they hell can’t this one ?  I do remember reading that they (APPLE) had turned off the composite out via the headphone jack, but I had not seen where they did it via the 30 pin dock connector.  A quick Google search revealed a site that explains it.

Apparently, Apple wants to now dictate just what cables you can buy to accomplish EVERYTHING they advertise these things can do.  The cables/docks now need an authentication chip to allow the video to pass through.  So, now I have iTunes stinking up my computer, wanting to update itself everytime I use it, forgets that I have the bloody iPod in the first place, NOW Apple wants fifty bucks from me so I can watch videos on a bigger screen.  Outrageous.  You know, if Microsoft did this, EVERYONE would be roasting them alive, especially Apple iPod fans.  I used to want a Mac.  Notice I said USED TO.


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