NASCAR all wet in Montreal

The NASCAR Nationwide Series was in Montreal to run a race.  There had been rain in the area and, unfortunately, it did not show NASCAR any mercy.  The rain started falling shortly after NASCAR threw the green flag. On lap 7 of the race, NASCAR threw the red flag and allowed teams to switch the cars into rain mode.  The teams put treaded rain tires on the cars, blowers,wipers and brake lights so the teams could run in the rain.  After about an hour delay, the race resumed-in light rain-and became the first NASCAR event ever to be run in rain conditions.  Unfortunately, the rain got worse as the event wore on and it was eventually called with under thirty laps to go.  Ron Fellows won the race, which had been dominated by Marcos Ambrose.  Ambrose was caught speeding down pit road and was penalized.  He had such a strong car, though, that had the race continued, Ambrose could likely have won the race.

NASCAR’s first rain race was interesting and one of the more exciting events this season.  While it was interesting, one has to wonder whether or not NASCAR should have stopped the race sooner (several cars, including Canadian favorite Jacques Villeneuve and Joey Logano wreck DURING a caution) due to visibility issues.  At any rate, I suspect we will see more events continue during weather conditions that would have dictated a postponement in the past.


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